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sergio contrino sergio at modencode.org
Mon Aug 17 14:12:46 BST 2015

Dear Tim,
FLyMine had a new release a few days ago. When this happens there is the 
need to upgrade your lists to the new identifiers. For some list there 
could be changes (e.g. an identifier becoming obsolete) and the 
advantage of updating them manually is that you can verify the changes 
done to the list.
if you prefer we could, i think, simply apply the changes without you 
being made aware.
usually only a few of your lists will require your intervention.
could you also point to the corrupted list of proteins?
thank you

From: timkarr at kit.ac.jp
Subject: Upgrade lists?  Lost lists?
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 05:46:32 +0100
To: info at flymine.org

Name: Tim Karr
Email: timkarr at kit.ac.jp

FM has been working flawlessly until a few days ago when it suddenly 
began what appeared to be an automatic of all of the list in MyMine. 
After chugging along for a bit, it suddenly stopped and asked me to 
"manually update my lists"?  All 200+?? This seems to be a non-starter 
and it puts researchers in a difficult position to have invested so much 
time into making the lists...

Also, please note that one of the lists I need is either lost or 
corrupted somehow as the list name is present, but contains the wrong 
list of proteins.

I hope you can help,

Thank you, TimKarr

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<query name="" model="genomic" view="Protein.primaryIdentifier 
Protein.primaryAccession Protein.organism.name" 
longDescription=""><constraint path="Protein" op="IN" value="Protein 
list for Drosophila melanogaster - Sat Jul 20 2013"/></query>

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