[InterMine Dev] CORS on flymine

Yo Yehudi yo at intermine.org
Wed Aug 19 12:14:16 BST 2015

This is mostly for Julie when she gets back I think.

CORS doesn't appear to be enabled properly on flymine. For a summary of 
the details and how to reproduce, look at this SO thread: 

Whilst the issue is a pain for devs, we know how to fix it (clear 
browser cache). Potentially, though, a user could encounter it, and the 
failure would be a much bigger problem as they'd be unlikely to look for 
errors in a dev console and know to delete their cache! :)

The answerer on the SO thread thinks (as do I) it's probably the flymine 
server being grumpy and not permitting CORS.

Assuming tomcat is serving the API requests, it doesn't look to hard to 
modify the config to enable CORS: 

If it's a different server it's (probably? hopefully?) similarly simple 
to enable, but in either case I'm not sure where to start or I'd try 
myself :)

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