[InterMine Dev] [InterMineDev] OpenID 2 to OpenID Connect migration

Josh Heimbach josh at intermine.org
Wed Aug 26 16:53:23 BST 2015

Hi Sibyl,

Intermine 1.5 was released to solve the OpenID 2 -> OpenID Connect 

It looks like you pulled in the correct commit, however there's a 
possibility that some of the other commits in the 1.5.0 release are 
required to support the migration functionality. Could you upgrade to 
the latest version of Intermine or at least version 1.5.0? We'll be able 
to help more efficiently if you're using a stable release tag.


On 25/08/15 15:23, Sibyl Gao wrote:
> Hi InterMine Staff,
> I have trouble showing saved template/queries that were saved when 
> users login through Google OpenID2. I wonder if I can get some help 
> here with troubleshooting.
> I’m running 1.4 release of InterMine code, and I cherry-picked the 
> commit that includes code for OpenID 2 to Connect migration 
> https://github.com/intermine/intermine/commit/9ccbf0a34ca5becde7ea945dd87be5b2af13e52d Still 
> I have problem getting the saved templates and queries to show, after 
> login with Google. Do you know if there’s anything I missed? And what 
> would you suggest me to try?
> By reading the code, it seems that a new user profile is created for 
> the OAuth2/Connect login, and the corresponding OpenID user profile is 
> marked as migrated. But I couldn’t figure out from the code, how the 
> migration code handles saved templates and things that were associated 
> with the old user profile ID.
> Thank you very much!
> Sibyl
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