[InterMine Dev] NullPointerException in org.intermine.dataloader.BatchingFetcher.java

Joe Carlson jwcarlson at lbl.gov
Tue Dec 22 23:02:49 GMT 2015


I'm using the direct data loader and have been running into a 

The problem arises from imo.getId() returns null and 
idMap.get(imo.getId()) in BatchingFetcher.java was getting upset. I've 
added a check for checking that if (imo.getId()==null || 
igMap.get(ido.getId())==null) at line 180.

I was trying to create a pull request for just this commit. But I messed 
up and (maybe) created a pull request of everything I've ever done. 
Sorry about that. It's my lack of experience with pull requests on 
github that gets me sometimes.

Please let me know if this NullPointerException has a better solution. 
What I'm trying to do here is to create a ProxyReference for something 
that is going to be loaded directly. It does not have an id, so we're 
going to have to do a query get it into the idMap.


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