[InterMine Dev] Trouble getting the enrichment widgets to work again

Joe Carlson jwcarlson at lbl.gov
Sun Dec 27 03:55:27 GMT 2015


I’ve re-merge with the master branch of intermine and now I’m having trouble getting the enrichment widgets to work again.

In the past when I’ve had this problem I’ve just gone into global.web.properties and made sure that my local javascript libraries match what is in the intermine version. They match now.

I’ve done that. And pointed my cdn back to cdn.intermine.org to make sure that my problem is not that our CDN is out of date.

But still cannot get enrichment widgets in a gene bag report to appear.

I’ve attached a screenshot of some of firebug console output. The most suspicious is the message "window.widgets.enrichment is not a function” but I also not keen on the fact that it reports $SERVICE.fetchVersion().fail is not a function.

Is the problem that I’m not able to find the proper intermine api version and so cannot load the enrichment widgets? I’m used to seeing the message ‘Webservice is at version 18’ in the console with our existing mine. Not seeing it here. How is this set?

I’m still poking at it. If this problem sounds familiar, I’d appreciate any pointers.


Joe Carlson

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