[InterMine Dev] web.collections.expandonload

Julie Sullivan julie at flymine.org
Thu Jul 16 09:05:47 BST 2015

Hi Joel

Yes, I see what you mean. I've created a ticket, should be an easy fix:



On 15/07/15 21:03, Joel Richardson wrote:
> I cannot seem to get this setting to work. I have set it to false in
> web.properties, and I've verified the value at runtime (with
> showProperties.do).
> Yet, when I go to a gene report page, collections are open by default.
> (Note that templates are OK. It's just collections.)
> Here's an example on mousemine beta:
> http://beta.mousemine.org/mousemine/portal.do?class=Gene&externalids=MGI%3A97490
> This gene has two collections, labeled "Involved in mutations" and
> "Targeted by".

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