[InterMine Dev] is it ok for PostgreSQL using SQL_ASCII and tomcat using UTF-8?

sergio contrino sergio at modencode.org
Mon Jul 20 09:43:13 BST 2015

dear Pengcheng,
the setting for postgres as SQL_ASCII is correct. it gives good speed 
advantages when building the database, so it matters more when you have 
a big database to build. It works fine with the tomcat setting.

On 19/07/15 23:51, Pengcheng Yang wrote:
> Hi,
> Following the intermine documentation, I set the encoding of PostgreSQL
> as SQL_ASCII, but the recommend encoding of tomcat is UTF-8 in the
> documentation. Is it ok?
> Thank you in advance and appreciate for any reply.
> Best,
> Pengcheng Yang
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