[InterMine Dev] sources for load expression data

sergio contrino sergio at modencode.org
Tue Jul 21 09:42:40 BST 2015

dear Pengcheng,
in modmine the model addition were all collected in this file


the ones you are looking for should be at the bottom.
please let us know if this does not help

On 21/07/15 02:02, Pengcheng Yang wrote:
> Dear Sergio,
> Thank you for your reply. I want to construct our Mine data warehouse.
> InterMine is a flexible and powerful database framework. Thank you for
> your work on this project.
> A question for the <model>_additions.xml, the content of the two files
> from modmine/worm-expression-score and modmine/fly-expression-score both
> do not define any models in the InterMine release. Could you please send
> these two files to me as a reference?
> Thank you and best wishes,
> Pengcheng Yang
> On 2015/7/20 18:08, sergio contrino wrote:
>> dear Pengcheng,
>> thank you for your suggestion. we could try to provide a
>> (configurable) default loader. for the moment it should be feasible to
>> adapt one of the example you mentioned for your needs. the 2 modmine
>> ones are using data from a tab separated file, which i think is what
>> you describe as table format.
>> best
>> sergio
>> On 20/07/15 09:56, Pengcheng Yang wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have searched the mail list archive, the issues in github/intermine
>>> and the related Mines sources file. Existed sources for expression data
>>> are fly/flybase-expression, modmine/fly-expression-score,
>>> modmine/worm-expression-score and ratmine_bio_sources/geo*. Is it
>>> possible for InterMine provide a general source to load gene expression
>>> data in table format. Related questions is to group samples, such as
>>> tissues, developmental stages and other treatments.
>>> Best,
>>> Pengcheng Yang
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