[InterMine Dev] protein2ipr loader

Pengcheng Yang pengchy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 04:37:47 BST 2015

Hi InterMiners,

Following the InterMine documentation, I want to load the protein2ipr 
data, but the protein2ipr sources directory not exist.

So I searched the intermine issues and found this thread 
https://github.com/intermine/intermine/issues/169, then redirected to 
the protein2ipr sources 
I have put the protein2ipr to the intermine/bio/sources directory and 
test with ant and found that the "package org.intermine.model.bio does 
not exist". It seems that this converter used not existed package 
org.intermine.model.bio. I also do not found this package in 
http://www.flymine.org/api/ and the intermine latest release.

Just for your information and is there possible to integrate this 
sources into intermine in the future?

Pengcheng Yang

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