[InterMine Dev] problem when integrate intermine and jbrowse

Pengcheng Yang yangpc at biols.ac.cn
Mon Jul 27 08:31:41 BST 2015

Dear InterMine developers,

I have scrutinized this problem days but without any progress. Sorry for 
my simple question.

I have set up My InterMine data warehouse and want to visualize it using 
JBrowse following the instruction: 
 From this instruction, it is possible to visualize the data in 
InterMine using JBrowse without any additional configuration, like 
define the json file and prepare the raw data, isn't it?

In the instruction, the data url is designated by: "url": 
However, what the value for malariamine for example, if malariamine can 
be visited at http://localhost:8080/malariamine .

Many thanks!

Pengcheng Yang

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