[InterMine Dev] problem when integrate intermine and jbrowse

Guillaume CORNUT guillaume.cornut at versailles.inra.fr
Tue Jul 28 09:49:12 BST 2015


As a user of InterMine I have set up a Jbrowse integration too.
On my intermine the data url is actually like this: 
http://<HOST>/<MINE>/service/jbrowse/config/<TAXON ID>
So for you it should be something like: 

Like you said, you can use this data url on any JBrowse without 

Guillaume Cornut

On 27/07/2015 09:31, Pengcheng Yang wrote:
> Dear InterMine developers,
> I have scrutinized this problem days but without any progress. Sorry 
> for my simple question.
> I have set up My InterMine data warehouse and want to visualize it 
> using JBrowse following the instruction: 
> http://intermine.readthedocs.org/en/latest/webapp/third-party-tools/jbrowse/. 
> From this instruction, it is possible to visualize the data in 
> InterMine using JBrowse without any additional configuration, like 
> define the json file and prepare the raw data, isn't it?
> In the instruction, the data url is designated by: "url": 
> "?data=http://www.flymine.org/query/service/jbrowse/config/7227". 
> However, what the value for malariamine for example, if malariamine 
> can be visited at http://localhost:8080/malariamine .
> Many thanks!
> Best,
> Pengcheng Yang
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