[InterMine Dev] lucene index creation patch lost in v1.4?

Joe Carlson jwcarlson at lbl.gov
Tue May 5 21:27:24 BST 2015

I think I see the issue here a little more clearly.

The lucene index creation code was moved from 
org.intermine.web.search.saveIndexToDatabase to 
org.intermine.api.lucene.saveIndexToDatabase. There are 2 lines of code 
that did not get migrated to the new method:

          LOG.info("Saving signature to database...");

(well, really 1 line) I'm testing out restoring this line in the 
migrated method at line 430. It looks to me that the code for checking 
to see if the search index signature is still in the disk file still 
exists in org.intermine.web.search.loadIndexFromDatabase


On 05/05/2015 12:04 PM, David Goodstein wrote:
> Joe Carlson had committed a patch to lucene index creation to prevent 
> InterMine, on  tomcat restart, from always trying to pull the 
> compressed index from the database and expanding it onto disk, even 
> when it already exists on disk and is unchanged.  That patch seemed to 
> have been included as far back as 1.3.1, but now appears to be lost.  
> Was this accidental, or was it interacting poorly with some aspect of 
> 1.4?
> thanks,
> -David
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> Eukaryotic Data Systems
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