[InterMine Dev] Integrating BLAST with intermine DB

Doug Bryant Jr. bryantd at gmail.com
Thu May 14 19:20:41 BST 2015

Is there some best practices way of integrating BLAST(N/P) with an
intermine installation? I see a few older threads in the dev list
concerning this topic, but we're wondering if this type of functionality is
"solved" yet.

Our use cases would be:
(1) 1 to many sequences, NT or AA, against blast DBs of our intermine data,
(2) 1 to many sequences, NT or AA, from our intermine data to other blast

Ideally we would like to include a link or button on each gene page in
intermine that would populate a blast web form with that gene sequence,
readying it for a blast search.

Our thinking at this point is to install a stand alone BLAST service and
integrate the service more or less manually with our intermine install. Is
this the best approach?
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