[InterMine Dev] Documentation of setting <property>s in <source> in project.xml to get those into a Converter/PostProcessor

Justin Clark-Casey justincc at intermine.org
Thu Apr 21 17:59:56 BST 2016

Hi folks,

Back in March, Sam and Julie had a discussion about how <property> entries in a <source> section of a mine's project.xml were set in that source's 
Converter/PostProcessor [1]

Just fyi, since this didn't appear to be documented, I looked into the mechanism (the crux is DynamicAttributeTask.configureDynamicProperties()) and wrote up a 
short piece of doc at [2] for future reference.  Please feel free to let me know about any mistakes or if you think there it would be useful to add more detail.

[1] http://mail.intermine.org/pipermail/dev/2016-March/003697.html
[2] https://intermine.readthedocs.org/en/latest/database/data-sources/custom/#properties

Justin Clark-Casey, Synbiomine/InterMine Developer

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