[InterMine Dev] doc on primary keys

Joe Carlson jwcarlson at lbl.gov
Wed Apr 27 20:05:56 BST 2016

I’ve been looking at the documentation on primary keys


Is this up to date?

I’ve been wondering exactly what was the purpose of genomic_keyDefs.properties in <mine>/dbmodel/resources/. From what I see in the doc, this file must contain the description of all keys that will be used by any of the data loaders. And the key properties files in bio/source/<sourcename>/resources/ refer to these keys by key name with the syntax Classname = keyname. Is this just an older way of doing it and has been replaced by the form Classname.keyname=field1, field2 in the individual loaders?

 I see that the doc says the central key file is an older way of defining keys. If I have no cases of specifying keys by name in the any of my sources, does the genomic_keyDefs.properties file used anywhere?



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