[InterMine Dev] GeneStructureDisplayer throwing NullPointerException - any ideas?

Sam Hokin shokin at ncgr.org
Thu Apr 28 19:06:06 BST 2016

Well, a NullPointerException is pretty unclear. Yes, if you do the check and throw a RuntimeException("Organism.name is null or 
empty") or something like that, it would be very helpful. Generally the IM exceptions are pretty informative; this is one case where 
it wasn't at all. But I know it's hard to know in advance what folks are going to mess up. ;)

On 04/28/2016 10:41 AM, Justin Clark-Casey wrote:
> In GeneModelCache.getGeneModelOrganismSettings() we could check that organismName != null or "" before proceeding.  Do you think
> that there is a clearer Exception message that we could throw at this stage?

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