[InterMine Dev] doc on primary keys

Sam Hokin shokin at ncgr.org
Thu Apr 28 20:19:51 BST 2016

Oh. Hrm. This is exactly what happened to me when my changes to <source>/resources/<source>_keys.properties didn't "take". But my 
ant clean, which had no effect, was in the integrate dir, not in <source>. So my skrieg yesterday about not having a reliable 
default keys file under <source>/resources may be misplaced; sounds like it's a build bug as Joe suggests. I'll try again with a 
single keys file but run ant clean under <source> whenever I change it and see how it goes.

On 04/28/2016 12:23 PM, Joe Carlson wrote:
> Thanks, Julie.
> The reason I was doing the close reading is that I noticed that I had messed up something when building a mine. It was going
> extremely slow and I was puzzled. During the integration step, things were getting queried based on a secondaryIdentifier even
> though I had never specified that in any (known) key properties file.
> I later realized it was an ant thing. (Thus reinforcing my general formiphobia.) I had played around with using the
> secondaryidentifier as the key field in one of my loaders. But then later decided against it. Even though I had changed the key
> properties file in my <source>/resources/ directory, the version in <source>/build was not regenerated with the next build. Running
> an 'ant clean' solved this issue. but it looks like there are some dependencies not captured in the build files.
> Joe

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