[InterMine Dev] Any suggestions on this error message when creating a new list?

Sam Hokin shokin at ncgr.org
Tue Jul 12 15:47:58 BST 2016

Yeah, I'm still working on it. Joel, I found intermine.log under /usr/share/tomcat. Not a particularly appropriate place, but it's 
there and there's plenty of exception messages to ponder.

Yo, it's definitely back-end performance issues. We need more RAM. The mines work pretty well after a reboot or Tomcat restart, and 
then things degrade over a half day to the point that 500s start being thrown, presumably due to timeouts. But now that I've found 
the realtime log I can start to chip away at the causes of the exceptions. Should have things running better soon, I think, and 
especially after we get more RAM on the VM.

Thanks for all the help, guys!

On 07/12/2016 04:26 AM, Joel Richardson wrote:
> I still wonder if the relevant error messages aren’t being logged in intermine.log – wherever it is.
> Joel

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