[InterMine Dev] Any way to pass an input file to a post-process task?

Sam Hokin shokin at ncgr.org
Wed Jul 20 21:45:17 BST 2016

Hi, devs. I'm writing a post-processor that takes an input file (interpro.xml) and adds a bunch of data from that to proteins and 
protein domains (which I already have from a different data source). I see that PostProcessOperationsTask.java has a method to set 
an output file (setOutputFile), presumably from project.xml, but there is none to set an input file. I naively added a setter to do 
so, but it does not work when I use:

       <property name="input.file" location="/home/intermine/data/interpro/interpro.xml"/>

in project.xml. The setter that I added is simply:

      * Set the value of inputFile
      * @param inputFile an input file for operations that require one
     public void setInputFile(File inputFile) {
         this.inputFile = inputFile;

Any suggestions? I thought I'd ask before I start digging deeper.

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