[InterMine Dev] Any way to pass an input file to a post-process task?

Joel Richardson Joel.Richardson at jax.org
Tue Jul 26 14:39:40 BST 2016

You could also do this as a separate source that runs after and adds the
extra data.
And if all you¹re doing is setting simple fields in existing objects, the
easiest way is to do it as a large-item-xml source.
Then your job is to generate the ItemXML-formatted input file. To set the
³foo² attribute of protein ³Q8VBZ1², you¹d generate a record like:
	<item class=³Protein² id=³1001_1²>
	<attribute name="primaryAccession" value=³Q8VBZ1²/>
	<attribute name=³foo² value=³bar² />


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On 7/26/16, 8:59 AM, "dev on behalf of Sam Hokin"
<dev-bounces at lists.intermine.org on behalf of shokin at ncgr.org> wrote:

>Yeah, the interpro loader doesn't quite fit the bill. I only want to fill
>some attributes in the protein domains that are loaded
>from my chado database, partly for esoteric design reasons. I'm not
>adding any new items, so in a sense it's not unlike other
>post-processors like CreateReferences. Don't want to store interpro
>records in my mine. It's sort of between a data source (adding
>new data) and a post-processor (not creating any new items).
>Anyway, just thought I'd ask. Not a huge deal to leave the file name
>hardcoded. :)
>On 07/26/2016 02:02 AM, Julie Sullivan wrote:
>> Hi Sam,
>> We already have a loader for interpro.xml, use that?
>> You want to avoid loading new data in the post-processing stage, as you
>>want to include these data in the keyword search etc.
>> Julie
>> On 07/20/2016 09:45 PM, Sam Hokin wrote:
>>> Hi, devs. I'm writing a post-processor that takes an input file
>>> (interpro.xml) and adds a bunch of data from that to proteins and
>>> protein domains (which I already have from a different data source). I
>>> see that PostProcessOperationsTask.java has a method to set an output
>>> file (setOutputFile), presumably from project.xml, but there is none to
>>> set an input file. I naively added a setter to do so, but it does not
>>> work when I use:
>>>       <property name="input.file"
>>> location="/home/intermine/data/interpro/interpro.xml"/>
>>> in project.xml. The setter that I added is simply:
>>>     /**
>>>      * Set the value of inputFile
>>>      *
>>>      * @param inputFile an input file for operations that require one
>>>      */
>>>     public void setInputFile(File inputFile) {
>>>         this.inputFile = inputFile;
>>>     }
>>> Any suggestions? I thought I'd ask before I start digging deeper.
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