[InterMine Dev] Why does adding a bag displayer blow away the list table?

Sam Hokin shokin at ncgr.org
Wed Nov 2 00:08:52 GMT 2016

Hi, devs! I just noticed something that I can't seem to rectify: when I added a bag displayer to my Gene entry in 
webconfig-model.xml, the table that summarizes the list vanishes from the top. If I comment the displayer out, the table returns. 
I've included screenshots of the two cases, and here's the XML:

   <class className="org.intermine.model.bio.Gene">
       <fieldconfig fieldExpr="organism.name" label="Organism" />
       <fieldconfig fieldExpr="primaryIdentifier" label="DB identifier" />
       <fieldconfig fieldExpr="length" displayer="/model/sequenceShortDisplayerWithField.jsp" showInInlineCollection="true" 
showInSummary="true" />
       <displayer src="heatMap.tile" showOnLeft="true" />

The bag displayer works fine when it's not commented out, but then the table is gone. Any ideas? I'd like both! And yes, I've 
validated the HTML, it checks out fine, the divs are all closed, etc.
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