[InterMine Dev] Why does adding a bag displayer blow away the list table?

Josh Heimbach josh at intermine.org
Wed Nov 2 15:53:36 GMT 2016

Hi Sam,

Yup, reloading the autoResize plugin should do the trick.

If you find yourself needing jQuery 3 often, jQuery has a noConflict 
function that can be (ab)used to load multiple versions of jQuery at 
once. What could go wrong, right? ;)


It looks like Intermine is loading 1.11.0 which is pretty old in 
JavaScript years. We've probably managed to avoid problems because most 
of our widgets are self contained with their own, newer versions of 
jQuery bundled inside. The trade off, of course, is reliability at the 
expense of file size.

I've opened a ticket for us to investigate an upgrade to jQuery 3:

Thanks for letting us know your solution!

- Josh

On 02/11/16 15:26, Sam Hokin wrote:
> Oh, and I forgot to mention, you CAN load a recent JQuery and then 
> reload the textarea resize code after it to recover that function for 
> bagDetails.jsp:
> <!-- reload this because it is broken by JS loads above; used by 
> bagDetails.jsp -->
> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/textarea-resize.js"></script>
> textarea-resize.js is already conveniently housed in 
> intermine/webapp/main/resources/webapp/js/textarea-resize.js
> OK I'll shut up about this now. :)
> On 11/02/2016 09:15 AM, Sam Hokin wrote:
>> Never mind, figured it out. I added a current JQuery 3.1.1 load 
>> because of some newer code that I'm using; JQuery no longer supports
>> the jQuery('textarea#textarea').autoResize() function, which broke 
>> the list description textarea and table. So, I guess a word to
>> the wise about using JQuery 3.
>> On 11/01/2016 06:08 PM, Sam Hokin wrote:
>>> Hi, devs! I just noticed something that I can't seem to rectify: 
>>> when I added a bag displayer to my Gene entry in
>>> webconfig-model.xml, the table that summarizes the list vanishes 
>>> from the top. If I comment the displayer out, the table returns.
>>> I've included screenshots of the two cases, and here's the XML:
>>>   <class className="org.intermine.model.bio.Gene">
>>>     <fields>
>>>       <fieldconfig fieldExpr="organism.name" label="Organism" />
>>>       <fieldconfig fieldExpr="primaryIdentifier" label="DB 
>>> identifier" />
>>>       <fieldconfig fieldExpr="length" 
>>> displayer="/model/sequenceShortDisplayerWithField.jsp" 
>>> showInInlineCollection="true"
>>> showInSummary="true" />
>>>     </fields>
>>>     <bagdisplayers>
>>>       <displayer src="heatMap.tile" showOnLeft="true" />
>>>     </bagdisplayers>
>>>   </class>
>>> The bag displayer works fine when it's not commented out, but then 
>>> the table is gone. Any ideas? I'd like both! And yes, I've
>>> validated the HTML, it checks out fine, the divs are all closed, etc.
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