[InterMine Dev] RedGenes → BlueGenes

Joshua Heimbach josh at intermine.org
Fri May 19 17:59:28 BST 2017

Hello everyone,

We understand that the project name "RedGenes" was causing a lot of
confusion (even internally), so we've officially refactored the code base
back to *BlueGenes* where it will stay.

Saying the word "RedGenes" is no longer allowed and will bring you seven
years of bad luck.

Here are the new URLs:

   - https://github.com/intermine/bluegenes
   - http://bluegenes.apps.intermine.org/
   - http://devbluegenes.apps.intermine.org/

We'll keep the r**genes URLs active long enough for people to update their
links, docs, and git remotes.

Have a great weekend.

- Josh


For those wondering how RedGenes came about, we originally started with
BlueGenes and then created RedGenes for A vs. B testing. The RedGenes code
won but the name stuck.
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