[InterMine Dev] Inconsistencies on labelling

Paulo Nuin paulo.nuin at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 15:57:27 BST 2018

Hi Julie

I grepped my entire codebase for something like


And nothing came out. What I have on my 



bioClassNames.properties:RNAiPhenotype=RNAi Phenotype
bioClassNames.properties:RNAiScreenHit=RNAi Screen Hit
bioClassNames.properties:RNAiScreen=RNAi Screen
bioFieldNames.properties:rnaiResults=RNAi Results
bioFieldNames.properties:rnaiScreenHits=RNAi Screen Hits
bioFieldNames.properties:RN Ai=RNAi
bioFieldNames.properties:RNAi Result=RNAi Result
bioFieldNames.properties:RN Ai Result=RNAi Result

My guess is that the space in RNAi result is not allowing for proper labels, but I might be wrong.



> On Jun 27, 2018, at 1:16 AM, Julie Sullivan <julie at intermine.org> wrote:
> Hi Paulo,
> Yes, you can update the labels via webconfig-model.xml. Here are the docs:
> http://intermine.readthedocs.io/en/latest/data-model/data-labels/
> The "result=RNAi" is coming from your config files. Grep for that value, or send me the github link and I can hunt it down for you.
> Julie
> On 27/06/18 04:14, Paulo Nuin wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> I have been fighting most of the day today with labelling of some classes and fields, mainly RNAi, which InterMine decides to split to RN Ai.
>> In the linked image we have a case of labelling that no matter what I try is not able to transform the split version into RNAi. I have tried all possibilities (or at least the ones that make sense to me) and we also have another problem on the “Result=“, which I wasn’t able to remove either.
>> I am mainly trying to change things on
>> bio/webapp/resources/webapp/WEB-INF/soClassName.properties
>> and
>> bio/webapp/resources/webapp/WEB-INF/bioFieldNames.properties
>> should I try webconfig-model.xml?
>> Thanks
>> Paulo
>> https://www.dropbox.com/s/r16rfb7ncbqhtom/Screenshot%202018-06-26%2021.07.29.png?dl=0
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