[InterMine Dev] About the classDescriptions.properties

Chen, Yi-An chenyian at nibiohn.go.jp
Thu Jun 20 08:41:25 BST 2019

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your response. It helps.
However, if possible, I prefer not to 'completely' overwrite the default 
class definitions.

I remember there used to be a short paragraph described a configuration 
option in the web.properties, such as adding:
These properties files will merge with the default 
bioClassNames.properties and bioFieldNames.properties respectively,
and I just need to define the class names and field names which are not 
in the default settings.

It would be nice if there is a similar mechanism works for the 

On 2019/06/20 16:20, Julie Sullivan wrote:
> Yes, you can put a copy of classDefinitions.properties in 
> `/webapp/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF` and your webapp will use that one 
> instead.
> Can you clarify about the documentation? Which part is missing from 
> which webpage? I am guessing that omission was not on purpose! :)
> On 20/06/2019 05:06, Chen, Yi-An wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I wonder is it possible to add class descriptions in the way similar 
>> to how we add class names and field names?
>> By the way, the way to add customized class names and filed name was 
>> in the documentation before but no longer there now,
>> although it still works fine in my mine.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Yi-An Chen
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