[InterMine Dev] NM: How to wrangle the search results headings?

Sam Hokin shokin at ncgr.org
Thu Apr 30 23:19:59 BST 2020

Nevermind. Brain disconnect, it's GeneFamily.identifier, not GeneFamily.primaryIdentifier. Carry on!

On 4/30/20 4:11 PM, Sam Hokin wrote:
> I swear I used to know how to do this, but I'm coming up empty. I'm trying to get the "class keys" set so that I get what I want in 
> the linked heading of search results. See the attached screen grabs: Gene looks OK (secondaryIdentifier|primaryIdentifier) but I 
> can't seem to get GeneFamily, for example, to show what I want, which would be primaryIdentifier|description, which is what I have 
> entered in dbmodel/resources/class_keys.properties:
> Annotatable = primaryIdentifier
> BioEntity = primaryIdentifier, secondaryIdentifier
> SequenceFeature = primaryIdentifier, secondaryIdentifier, symbol, name
> ...
> GeneFamily = primaryIdentifier, description
> For that matter, I don't get why Gene isn't showing symbol as well, since it is a SequenceFeature (Gene.name is null).
> Thanks in advance for reminding me how to wrangle these search result headings!!!

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