[InterMine Dev] ClassShadow.primaryIdentifier snafu

Sam Hokin shokin at ncgr.org
Fri Oct 9 17:25:03 BST 2020

I used to use QTL.primaryIdentifer. :) I've moved a number of "primaryIdentifier" attributes to "identifier" in accordance with my 
new standard that things that don't extend Annotatable get "identifier" instead. Plus, a lot of SO entries use "identifier", like 
strain (http://semanticscience.org/resource/SIO_010055), which I figure I'll keep consistent.

If you recall, Julie (or you?) initially wanted to use Annotatable.identifier, but that would have broken all of the existing 
BioEntity code. So Julie wisely didn't. I find it handy to keep track of which keys belong to Annotatables and which do not.

On 10/9/20 5:13 AM, daniela at intermine.org wrote:
> Hi Sam,
> sorry for the issue.
> Initially I was thinking that the issue was related to some work I have done to create the Share link button.
> BUt after looking at the code it seems that the otherMinesLinks.jsp page uses the primaryIdentifer (se here 
> https://github.com/intermine/intermine/blob/dev/intermine/webapp/src/main/webapp/otherMinesLink.jsp#L32).
> In fact, if you look at the source code of the QTL report page, it seems it breaks on friendlyMines section.
> I will add a ticket for that.
> Not sure why it worked before??!!!
> Daniela
>> Hi Sam
>> Maybe related or not to your error, I have been having problems with a
>> class called SOTerm (which I changes to WBSOTerm at one point), where
>> the builddb process was complaining of a primaryIdentifier not present
>> when my first attribute was called just identifier. I changed to
>> primaryIdentifier and even after many clean installl etc commands, I
>> was still not able to create the class in the model, and when it’s
>> created it goes to the opposite name that I am setting on my additions
>> XML. I wean’t able to locate the root of the problem.
>> I am doing some more tests soon, and I plan to send to InterMine and the list.
>> Cheers
>> Paulo
>>> On Oct 8, 2020, at 11:33 AM, Sam Hokin <shokin at ncgr.org> wrote:
>>> I've got a bug in one of my mines that I simply cannot figure out. I have a class, which does not extend any other classes, 
>>> called QTL, and here's how it's declared in dbmodel/build/resources/main/genomic_model.xml:
>>> <class name="QTL" is-interface="true" term="http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/SO:0001645">
>>>        <attribute name="lod" type="java.lang.Double"/>
>>>        <attribute name="likelihoodRatio" type="java.lang.Double"/>
>>>        <attribute name="intervalDescription" type="java.lang.String"/>
>>>        <attribute name="end" type="java.lang.Double"/>
>>>        <attribute name="identifier" type="java.lang.String"/>
>>>        <attribute name="start" type="java.lang.Double"/>
>>>        <reference name="organism" referenced-type="Organism"/>
>>>        <reference name="phenotype" referenced-type="Phenotype" reverse-reference="QTLs"/>
>>>        <reference name="geneticMap" referenced-type="GeneticMap" reverse-reference="QTLs"/>
>>>        <reference name="linkageGroup" referenced-type="LinkageGroup" reverse-reference="QTLs"/>
>>>        <collection name="dataSets" referenced-type="DataSet"/>
>>> </class>
>>> Note that is has an attribute called "identifier" and no attribute called "primaryIdentifier". This is my practice for classes 
>>> which don't extend Annotatable/BioEntity/SequenceFeature.
>>> But whenever I build the mine and look at a QTL report page, it stops after the header and I get the following in the Tomcat 
>>> localhost log (and no client-side error in the Javascript console):
>>> 08-Oct-2020 11:27:28.121 SEVERE [ajp-nio-8009-exec-193] org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapperValve.invoke Servlet.service() 
>>> for servlet [action] in context with path [/soymine] threw exception [An exception occurred processing [/layout.jsp] at line [93]
>>> 90:       <tiles:insert page="/contextHelp.jsp"/>
>>> 91:
>>> 92:       <tiles:get name="body"/>
>>> 93:
>>> 94: <script type="text/javascript">
>>> 95: jQuery(document).ready(function() {
>>> 96:   jQuery("p#contactUsLink").toggle();
>>> Stacktrace:] with root cause
>>>     javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Property [primaryIdentifier] not found on type [org.intermine.model.bio.QTLShadow]
>>> So this is a server-side error, but where on earth is this desired QTLShadow.primaryIdentifier property coming from? It looks 
>>> like it may be associated with a tile, but a grep of the entire mine tree shows no instance of QTL and primaryIdentifier. This is 
>>> really mysterious! Thanks in advance for tips!
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