[InterMine Dev] sub-tables open by default

Kalpana Karra kkarra at stanford.edu
Fri Oct 23 18:13:02 BST 2020


Am trying to get sub-tables in a results table to be in open state by default.

Following the instructions from here..

Added the line below to model-includes.js file in MINE_NAME/webapp/src/main/resources directory.
intermine.setOptions({SubtableInitialState: 'open'})

Added this to web.properties
head.js.all.MY_JS_OPTIONS = model-includes.js

Before adding the above, ‘expand-collapse all' icon was not functional. After adding, ‘expand-collapse-all’ is working BUT they don’t appear open to start with.

Wondering if there is any config I am missing to make them open initially when the results table loads.

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