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daniela at intermine.org daniela at intermine.org
Mon Oct 26 17:18:22 GMT 2020

Dear Kalpana,
I have checked the ‘expand-collapse all' icon and it seems working fine 
to me locally (on my biotestmine) and either on flymine and humanmine 
where we haven't applied any customization.
Also in yeastmine seems working fine to me (as you can see from the 
screenshot attached).
Does anyone had a similar issue?

I have also tried to customize the subtables behaviour as suggested in 
the documentation but there are some issues:
1. the js file which I have created under the 
MINE_NAME/webapp/src/main/resources directory is not copied into the 
war. Kalpana, could you please let me know if it works to you? If not, 
as I suppose, I will add a ticket for that on intermine project
2. after copying manually the js script and updating the property file, 
the sub-tables still stay closed (and the ‘expand-collapse all' icon 
still works)
I will add a ticket on imjs for that.


> Hello!
> Am trying to get sub-tables in a results table to be in open state by
> default.
> Following the instructions from here..
> https://intermine.readthedocs.io/en/latest/webapp/query-results/?highlight=collections%20in%20results%20table#the-initial-state-of-sub-tables
> Added the line below to model-includes.js file in
> MINE_NAME/webapp/src/main/resources directory.
> intermine.setOptions({SubtableInitialState: 'open'})
> Added this to web.properties
> head.js.all.MY_JS_OPTIONS = model-includes.js
> Before adding the above, ‘expand-collapse all' icon was not
> functional. After adding, ‘expand-collapse-all’ is working BUT
> they don’t appear open to start with.
> Wondering if there is any config I am missing to make them open
> initially when the results table loads.
> Thanks,
> -Kalpana
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