[InterMine Dev] List non-matches

Paulo Nuin paulo.nuin at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 20:34:39 BST 2021

Hi everyone

We were doing some work on news lists on WormMine and one the things we concluded that the silent non-matches when creating lists. We were adding a short list (about 30 items), and about 2/3 matched, while the other 1/3 didn’t. We understand why it happens, as we had some mixed IDs the list, but for the end user, it might be quite frustrating in finding which IDs didn’t match. I don’t know if it’s possible to show the non-matched in the current web app, but I tried on Bluegenes and I see a warning for missed items, but I don’t actually see the items. Is that an issue with our current deployment or an issue with Bluegenes itself?

Thanks in advance



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