[flymine-announce] FlyMine release 3.0 now available

Rachel Lyne rachel at flymine.org
Tue, 20 Sep 2005 12:10:22 +0100

FlyMine new release

Version 3.0 of FlyMine is now available at www.flymine.org.

See the release notes at www.flymine.org/release-notes for full details 
on new and updated data, bug fixes and new features.



The start page of FlyMine now has links to a series of 'aspects' which 
are convenient starting points for the different types of data in 
FlyMine - such as genomics, protein interactions and gene expression. 
Each aspect lists relevant data sets in FlyMine, template queries and 
suggested starting points for building queries.

New Data:

-Microarray gene expression data - currently five experiments run at the 
FlyChip facility are available.
-Protein domain and family information from InterPro.
-DrosDel deletion data (from www.drosdel.org.uk).
-D. melanogaster genes now have full name and wild type function set.

Updated Data:

-FlyBase D. melanogaster genome annotation updated to release 4.2.
-D. melanogaster and C. elegans gene associations are now taken from 
FlyBase and WormBase respectively.
-GOTerm entries now have a description, namespace ('biological_process', 
'cellular_component' or 'molecular_function') and a collection of synonyms.
-Go annotaions have been updated to make it easier to query for evidence 
codes and any related 'with' references.

FlyMine welcomes feedback. Please let us know if you spot any bugs, have 
problems with any queries, or have any features or queries you would 
like including.