[flymine-announce] Version 6.0 of FlyMine released

Rachel Lyne flymine-announce at flymine.org
Tue, 28 Nov 2006 14:33:27 +0000

Version 6.0 of FlyMine is now available at www.flymine.org !

FlyMine is an integrated database of genomic, expression and protein
data from Drosophila, Anopheles and C. elegans.  As an integrated
resource it is possible to run data mining queries that span domains of
biological knowledge.

New data in FlyMine 6.0 include FlyAtlas data, REDfly data as well as 
RNAi screens from the Drosophila RNAi Screening Center. In addition, 
orthologues and GO annotation for S. pombe and P. falciparum have been 

Interface improvements include direct links from names and identifiers 
in results tables to object details pages. Template names have been 
changed so that they now have a short name and a longer description, 
which makes it easier to scan for templates of interest. 'History' has 
been renamed to 'My Mine' and the layout improved.

For a full list of data sources see: www.flymine.org/sources
For a list of all changes see www.flymine.org/release-notes

Where to find help with FlyMine:
- on the website: www.flymine.org/what
- via the Feedback form accessible on every FlyMine page
- send us an email at info@flymine.org
- call us at +44 (0)1223 333 377

We welcome all types of feedback!

The FlyMine Team

FlyMine is a freely available resource funded by The Wellcome Trust.