[flymine-announce] FlyBase / FlyMine course - 12th June

Hilde Janssens flymine-announce at flymine.org
Thu, 08 May 2008 11:35:06 +0100

Dear researchers,

The next joint FlyBase/FlyMine workshop will be held on Thursday
June 12th in the Department of Genetics. FlyBase and FlyMine are
databases which mainly focus on Drosophila data.

This workshop is targeted primarily at new users, though all are
welcome. We will start by providing an overview of the data and tools
present on each website. The differences between FlyBase and FlyMine,
and why you might use one rather than the other for a particular query,
will also be discussed.  We will then explore how to perform advanced
and complex queries using the various tools available on our websites.
Teaching will be through a combination of short presentations, live
demonstrations and hands-on practice.

Course details:
- Date: 12th June 2008
- Time: 9.30-12.45 and 1.45-5.30
- Venue: Genetics Room G12
- Code: ET27
- Credits: 2

Please register for this workshop at:


The FlyBase and FlyMine teams.